Apple HomeKit compatible Shelly 2.5 Roller shutter by HomekitBG

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44,90  inkl. MwSt, zzgl. Versand

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Shelly 2.5 is the smallest WiFi double relay on the market. The uniquely small footprint makes it possible to fit into a standard size installation wall box.
ATENTION:The device may not work properly with FirtzBox routers The reason is that the mDNS protocol is not transferred correctly in most of the FirtzBox routers, without additional configuration In that case, it is necessary to activate the IP vers.6 of the router.Shelly 2.5 Window is equipped with a customized firmware developed by HomeKit BG to be fully compatible with Apple’s smart home ecosystem.
Mainly developed for motors with integrated limit switches, but its clever algorithms allows using it with simple motors without limit switches.
This device will help you to transform your existing manual controlled motor-driven shutters into smart systems, working seamlessly together with the rest of your Home.
Also the device inputs allows you to keep the comfort of the classical manual control with the existing up and down wall buttons.

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